Beyond Engineering Speak: Making Complex Services Shine Online for MineralConsults

MineralConsults struggled to communicate their engineering services to a diverse audience with varying technical backgrounds, making it difficult to differentiate themselves from competitors in the mining engineering industry.

The challenge

  • Communication & Differentiation: Clearly communicate complex services to a varied audience and differentiate MineralConsults from competitors.
  • Software User Adoption: Effectively showcase the user-friendliness and benefits of their equipment sizing software.


Our mission was clear: We had to make an attractive website for them that can generate qualified leads and establish MineralConsults as a leading mining engineering services and software provider.

The strategy

By implementing these strategies, the website can effectively address the challenges faced by MineralConsults, achieve its marketing objectives, and position itself as a leader in the mining engineering services industry.

Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling

Utilize high-quality images, icons, and potentially even video content to visually represent the mining process, the problems MineralConsults solves, and the benefits of their services.

User-Friendly Navigation

User-Friendly Navigation

Design a clear and intuitive website navigation system. Menus should be easy to understand and allow visitors to find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

Social Proof & Client Testimonials

Social Proof & Client Testimonials

Social proof from industry experts or showcasing successful project case studies can further strengthen the website’s message.

From concept to completion, ChaosCult was a pleasure to work with. Their team's creativity and expertise shine through in the visually appealing website they delivered. Truly impressed!

Shivani Sharma

Co-founder @ Mineral Consults

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